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Valerie, Age 60's

I never understood what skincare was. I thought it was soap and sunscreen. And this anti-aging craze came, and I thought that this stuff couldn’t work. My skin was my skin, and nothing was going to help with that. And then, my daughter introduced Skin Titan to me. I admit, it took me a long time before she finally got me to try it. And I have to say I will never stop using it!

My fine lines around my cheeks, mouth and eyes are so much smoother and tighter. My dark circles around my eyes are lighter. My freckles and sunspots are faded. I don’t get acne anymore. The best part is my neck and chest. My skin is smooth, the crepeyness is gone.

After 2 weeks of using Skin Titan, I had my daughter over for dinner. She was sitting across the table and she just kept staring at me. And she said, “Mom, I feel like I’m looking at you 20 years ago.” And I wasn’t wearing any makeup.
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Cholla, Age 30's

Skin Titan really took the guessing game out of it for me. Here was this package that did it all. And I didn’t have to spend tons of time applying all of these products. Just 3 from now on. One at night, 2 in the morning. I’m busy with my 3 daughters, husband, work, and a household to juggle. The last thing I need is to think too much about my skin. Skin Titan is perfect for my routine.

The products are really nice. They feel super light. Go really well under my sunscreen and makeup. A lot of skincare is heavy, greasy, and it can fight with anything that is applied on top of it. With Skin Titan, my skin just soaks it up. It’s super clear, soft, my freckles are lighter and my color overall is balanced. My fine lines are much tighter.
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Gigi, Age 30's

I am a stylist, makeup artist and fitness & nutrition consultant. I help bring out my clients’ natural beauty.

My clients are always looking for multi-faceted results. Whether that’s in their hair, face, or body. So, it only makes sense that paying attention to the skin is key in the comprehensive results they’re after. So, now they have this amazing new color and style, but their skin needs to reflect that same care. Or they want to lose weight or they’re leaning out for a fitness competition. In all scenarios, their face is forefront. I personally use Skin Titan for those same reasons, and recommend it to my clients. I don’t even have to recommend it. They see what it’s done for my skin, and ask how to achieve that too. I love having that simple answer for them.
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Dana, Age 40's

Wow, I seriously can't believe what my eyes looked like before Skin Titan!

I've tried a lot out there, and it's all so confusing. Way too many things to consider. And, so much of it irritated my skin. I'm busy. I needed something that didn't take time away from the important things: my kids, husband, job, household. But, I knew I needed to take care of my skin.

Skin Titan is perfect for me. It truly provides long-term results in a really simple way. Just 3 products. The lines around my eyes are pretty much gone. The puffiness is no more. My complexion is clear and balanced. I love it.
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Debbie, Age 60s

I am amazed at how different my skin looks with Skin Titan. My color tone is better, redness is less, the puffiness is gone around my eyes and cheeks. The wrinkles around my eyes are so much better. It even feels like my eyelids are slightly lifted.

Skin Titan is great for my regimen. Very easy to add into my routine. And it feels so light and soft. I don't wear makeup, so I like that Skin Titan doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything on my face. My skin feels like it can breathe easy all day long.

Sara, Age 40's

I'm in my 40s, and really only started paying attention to my skin a few years ago. I've tried everything from grocery store stock to Yves St Laurent. My findings were that the low end products that you can find in grocery and convenience stores really did nothing (except hurt my skin), and the high end luxury brands split up their products into so many items that to get faint results I was buying $700+ worth of products at a time.

When I started using Skin Titan, it worked like no others. Simple regimen with only 3 products, and hydrating (I have dry sensitive skin), felt very light when applying, and by the next morning my skin radiated. My overall tone was balanced, my pores were clear, my fine lines were very faint, and my skin was well hydrated. I use it every day, and strangers tell me how great my skin looks (when I'm not wearing makeup). I can truly say that my skin looks better and younger than it did in my 20s.

Gena, Age 50's

I'm in my 50s and have daughters in their 20s. Started using Skin Titan about 6 months ago and within about 6 weeks had my daughters commenting on my skin looking so good! It does look good--more even, less dry, fine-lines significantly improved. Love the eyecream for taking away my dark circles! Great product!

Dave, Age 30's

I’ve never used any skincare. But, now I do. My years of playing baseball in the sun, my dark circles around my eyes, oily skin, and just noticing fine lines, I decided to try Skin Titan. I love it. I feel like my skin is balanced, and looks better than it ever has before. My wife approves.

Barb, Age 60's

I’ve been using Skin Titan for a few months now. For years I had dry dark spots on my face. They are finally gone. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, so I appreciate how light Skin Titan products feel. My skin always feels soft, and my fine lines are much smoother. Skin Titan is cool and refreshing, leaving my skin feeling smooth and looking brighter. I love it.

Rachel, Age 30's

My skin feels and looks amazing! These are great, gentle products that really deliver! The eye cream is my favorite!

Makenzie, Age 20's

I am in love with the product! It is light weight and does not leave my skin feeling sticky and greasy. It also does not have an overpowering or fake smell to it. Its the perfect skin care regimen.

Dawn, Age 30's

I have to say I love it, my skin feels amazing and looks great, lines are becoming more fine. They are not greasy, my skin doesn't get oily like it does with other skin care products. I'm in love...

Deb, Age 40's

I'm very impressed. The day cream is light and non greasy. The fragrance is light and not overpowering.

Jessica, Age 40's

WOW! My skin looks and feels wonderful.

I'm in my mid 40's, am fair skinned with lots of freckles (and to my great distress - the recent appearance of sun spots despite the fact that I've lived in sunscreen my whole life). I also live in the desert, and I have very sensitive skin. A terrible combination that has made me very self conscious about my appearance recently. So, up until a few weeks ago, I had dry, finely wrinkled, speckled, super sensitive skin. I was a little hesitant to try Skin Titan's products at first, because I knew nothing about skin care or how to deal with what I was experiencing, but I have to say that trying their products have helped me love my skin again. My skin is no longer dry, it looks hydrated and firmer. My fine wrinkles around my eyes have disappeared, and I have noticed the fading of my sunspots.

As a side note I have to say that I really like their website - it has tons of information (that I can easily understand) about the ingredients in their products and what they do. I will definitely continue using these products.

Lauren, Age 30's

My skin is now hydrated, clear, and I wear less makeup.

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