Privacy Policy

Any data and/or information collected by Skin Titan is simply gathered to better communicate our beauty products, answer questions, and create better experiences for you. We do not sell your data or permit re-use of personal information without your consent. We would only share information to the extent that we need to prevent fraud, when required by law or authorities, and in the event of a sale of our company. We collect this data/information through your engagement with, and our advertising and marketing efforts.

Our website, email messages, and marketing/advertisements may use cookies and other technologies to help us to (1) remember your information so you don’t have to re-enter it, (2) track and understand how you interact with our website, (3) tailor the website and our advertising around your preferences, (4) manage and measure the usability of our website, (5) understand the effectiveness of our content, (6) enhance our website and our beauty offerings, and (7) protect the security and integrity of our website. We use Google Analytics cookies to monitor performance of our website.