How is Skin Titan Different?

Skin Titan is a simple full‐circle luxury skincare regimen in only 3 products (Day Cream, Eye Cream and Night Serum). Comparable to luxury brands like La Mer and Lancome, but with twice the benefits at 11% of the cost.

What benefits do Skin Titan products provide?

Collectively, the products improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, pores and acne, and overall color tone and balance. They also aid in collagen synthesis, reduce free‐radical pollutant damage, nourish and hydrate, and promote healthy skin.

What improvements should I see?

Fine lines & wrinkles, eye puffiness, dark eye circles, acne, dark spots and discoloration, oliness, dryness, crepey skin, color balance and tone, and elasticity.

What's in Skin Titan products?

Our products include pure natural botanicals and custom bio‐identical vegan proteins. The main or “active” ingredients between the products include hyaluronic acid, seakelp bioferment, marine collagen peptides, vitamin A, epidermal growth factor, and sodium pca. All are sulfate‐ and phthalate‐free, and never tested on animals. And all of our skincare is made in the USA.

Are your products paraben free?

Our Day Cream and Night Serum are paraben free. However, our Eye Cream is not (without parabens, our formulation would have too high of a PH balance to do the job, and end up stinging the skin a bit). As a double defense in preserving our products, all of our bottles are airless pumps that prevent contamination and oxidation, keeping the active ingredients stable from the first pump to the last. And you won’t miss out on any of the product inside, since airless pumps dispense completely.

Where should I apply the products?

Face, neck, and décolletage (upper chest). Some of our customers also use our skincare on their hands.

Can I apply other things after your skincare?

Yes, our skincare should be the first thing that touches your clean skin. After about 30 seconds the products will absorb and dry. Then feel free to apply anything else you have in your beauty regimen (sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup, etc.).

Are your products good for any skin type?

Our products balance oil production, so they're ideal for any skin type in any environment. They will balance oiliness, dryness and combination skin types.

Are your products all natural?

All of our ingredients are naturally derived.